Two Good Samaritan's result in two good stolen bike recoveries

October 15, 2020 By Brad Kellas 583 Recovered Stolen Bike


Acacia's 'I AM FREE' bike and helmet were stolen from the Honey Lane Market garden in Brunswick Victoria on 11 September 2020.  Fearing she would never see her bike again but not wanting to give up she reported the theft to her local police and then posted on social media, where she was promptly advised to post on the BikeVAULT section of the PropertyVAULT website.  

Following the advice, Acacia reported her bike stolen and was diligent in following our proven tips to aid recovery.  Acacia's efforts paid off yesterday, when a Good Samaritan named Peter, left a message via the ‘MAKE A REPORT’ tab attached to the stolen post, advising that he had found a matching bike dumped on his property.

After a VAULT admin checked out the bona fides, Acacia was called and advised her bike had been found.  This afternoon Acacia met up with Peter at Brunswick Police station, where the bike was handed over and the police notified to tick one more bike off the stolen list.

Acacia’s words of gratitude

"When my bike was taken I registered it as stolen the same day on the BikeVAULT section of the PropertyVAULT website and with the Vic Police.  PropertyVAULT’s online steps for listing your stolen bike were extremely helpful. A month later a man found my bike and contacted PropertyVAULT, who matched it with mine and I was able to collect it the same day. A big thank you to the man who found my bike as well as the PropertyVAULT team for providing this service!"

Next Good Samaritan and PropertyVAULT recovery

The owner of this Argon 18 stolen from Camphill in Queensland on 3 September 2020, was more than surprised when her bike was recovered two days later as a result of a Good Samaritan cyclists checking the PropertyVAULT website, after finding the bike dumped outside his house.  We understand the Good Samaritan has been compensated with some liquid beverages for his good work. 

Next please….

Bike identification is a key component to combatting bike theft

Solving all bike theft is impossible but preventing the main reason why they are stolen is achievable.  Learn how PropertyVAULT in partnership DataDot Technology the world leaders in asset identification solutions to combat theft can help stop the profiteers who drive bike theft - Bike identification is Key to reducing bike theft!

Bike registration is a key component of the BikeVAULT success as it provides the ability for a purchaser of a used bike to check whether it is stolen.  In addition to free registration and stolen reports and assistance, BikeVAULT, part of the PropertyVAULT suite of asset registers to combat theft – provides:

  • Life cycle asset provenance recording, with blockchain encryption, 
  • Registration and logbook transfer when selling, and 
  • Registered asset sale platform – enabling purchasers to conduct due diligence of registered VAULT assets listed for sale.

Start protecting your bike and all your assets vulnerable to theft today!

Sign up for your free account and click the ‘ADD TO VAULT’ button to begin registering all your assets (including pets) vulnerable to theft! 


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