Three bikes recovered thanks to Cash Converters checking the stolen listings on BikeVAULT!
April 17, 2021 By Brad Kellas 642 Recovered Bikes,

Three happy victims who recovered their bikes thanks to the staff at Cash Converters in Collingwood Victoria checking the BikeVAULT stolen listings.

Stolen bike recovered after 5 years thanks to a BikeVAULT stolen bike spotter!
April 11, 2021 By Brad Kellas 459 Recovered Bikes,

Custom Zinn Titanium bike stolen from a house in Western Australia in 2015, recovered after 5 years thanks to a BikeVAULT stolen bike spotter.

SBS World News Article on the surge in bike sales and bike theft!
April 01, 2021 By Brad Kellas 442 Recovered Bikes, Stolen Bikes,

A surge in bike sales and tight supply has made bikes a prime target for profit-driven thieves!

Lucky Hugh and his recovered stolen bike!
January 04, 2021 By Brad Kellas 1490 Recovered Stolen Bike,

Why it is important to report all bike theft to police and how a switched on police member saved Hugh's bike from becoming consolidated revenue.

Never despair! Mark’s cherished Italian road bike was recovered after nine months.
December 07, 2020 By Brad Kellas 1785 Recovered Stolen Bike,

There is always hope when there are honest people willing to do the right thing!

One stolen bike recovered and one still missing - Great work NSW Police!
November 26, 2020 By Brad Kellas 1998 Recovered Stolen Bike,

Great work by a switched-on NSW Police member resulted in the recovery of this stolen bike.

Stolen bike recovered after two failed attempts to sell the bike to Cash Converters.
November 21, 2020 By Brad Kellas 4887 Recovered Stolen Bike, Bike Protection,

A persistent 'knowing handler' fails in her attempt to sell a stolen bike at two Cash Converter stores in Qld.

Proven advice and effort resulted in Oscar's stolen bike being recovered.
October 24, 2020 By Brad Kellas 2839

Guided effort paid off in this stolen bike recovery.

Two E-Mountain bikes stolen during a break-in at Pedal Heads Cycles overnight.
October 21, 2020 By Brad Kellas 2713 Stolen Bikes,

In typical rough fashion, thieves smashed through the glass front door of Pedal Heads Cycles in Brendale QLD overnight and stole two high-end E-Mountain bikes.

Two Good Samaritan's result in two good stolen bike recoveries
October 15, 2020 By Brad Kellas 3243 Recovered Stolen Bike,