MINI Clubman (south african)

Stolen from PARRAMATTA, NSW 1 January 2016 27 PV 22694
Stolen from PARRAMATTA, NSW 27 PV 22694
Clubman (south african)
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Front Wheel Drive
1974-1976 South African Austin Mini Clubman XA2S2 chassis (produced in UK up to 1974) but vehicle manufactured in South Africa and plated 1976 Original 1100cc 10H705EH motor with twin SU carbeurettors and extractors. Mid sky blue body with black bonnet.. Speedwell magnesium ‘boat trailer’ style rims with A008s. Leyland Suid Afrika badge on left from 1/4 panel in front of internal hinged door. Full one piece wind-up door glass with push button external handles. Long range left hand fuel tank. Tan vinyl interior with black carpet. Low back seats (front flip forward). Black SAAS steering wheel. Indicator stalk on right of steering column. Standard two guage Clubman dash with side air vents. Complicated situation but basically vehicle was unlawfully acquired several years ago by a 'friend' who only told me recently that he had the car after leading me to believe a co-worker scrapped it to sims metal. Police were unwilling to action unless I could provide exact location. Further private investigations were required as well as multiple visits and phone calls with police and legal representatives before car could be listed as stolen. Last confirmed sighting was at 'friends' workshop in Moorebank where vehicle was hidden under a cover at the back of the workshop under pallet racking and was then moved to Peak Hill when they closed their workshop
Stolen from PARRAMATTA, NSW on 1 January 2016
Vehicle was with a friend who was going to do the work needed and was stored at their place of employment. I had arranged a tow truck to remove the vehicle back to my property and contacted my friend to advise collection day only to be told that my friends employer or another employee had the vehicle scrapped to Sims Metal whilst my friend was on leave. I attended police at the time who advised they were unwilling to report the vehicle as stolen if the vehicle no longer existed. This friend had a long standing relationship with a person who held a senior position within NSW Police and I was led to believe they discussed my situation and my friend relayed what he was told and that I was not able to do anything about it. This occurred in 2004-2005. I had no reason to doubt what had happened, or the information I was given. My friend also stated that this caused friction with his employer and he left the employment not long after. I had maintained contact with this friend up until approx 2009. Several years past and I was contacted by this friend mid 2016 although communication was infrequent. Around Easter 2020 during one of our phone conversations, this friend asked me if I remembered 'that mini' and then told me that he had it. I have been able to confirm that he had the vehicle hidden under a cover beneath pallet racking in his workshop at Moorebank in 2016 and informant had tried several times to purchase the vehicle as they were an enthusiast and was told he would never sell it as it is a rare South African import. Another informant was aware of the vehicle and advised that he took the vehicle with him to Peak Hill when he moved late 2016-early 2017. At this stage, it is believed the vehicle is still in his possession either on his property or that of a relative